Orange super 2009

RENČEL Orange super 2009 – a rare and exclusive experimental cuvée

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Orange Super ‘09 is a rare and exclusive experimental single barrel cuvée of which only 600 liters have been made. Tasting it brings back good memories of my visit to Joško Renčel and his son in law Žiga Ferlež with in spring ’19, of which I added a few photos to this post.

They aimed to make a macerated white appassimento wine in Amarone style, for which the grapes spend one month in special air-drying baskets, followed by spontaneous fermentation with 25 days of skin contact, and the wine aged for 6 years in a specific used French barrique for sweet tannins. It was vinified without any additives, bottled unfiltered, and they say: “It is almost a miracle this wine became so good because 6 years of oak, and no volatile acidity without any added SO2 is really rare.”

The wine is beautifully clear and has a grand profound character of high class which is giving a classic rustic feeling. It stands rigidly, is robust & muscly but also genteel, noble and highly refined making it a gastronomical wine pur sang.

Orange super 2009 organic skin fermented white wine no SO2

The nose has a harmonic, subtle but evolving aromatic melange of dried apricots, dried yellow prunes, concentrated apple syrup, some nectarine, yellow raisins, bruised apple, old wood / resin / pine cones, chamomilla tea, brown almonds / pecan nuts with caramelized brown sugar with a touch of sweet fruity shisha tobacco, and tiny whiffs of smoke & light leather.

The rich palate is precise and clean with spectacular orange lemon-like acidity that gives the wine a good and necessary spine, the tannins are fantastically integrated. Towards the endless finish all the fruit concentrates with a predominant nutty overtone with caramel, nice herbaceousness and some good bitters and acidity of slightly burned slow coffee.

The high level of sugar of the slowly dried grapes resulted in a bold 16.5% alc. but which is perfectly brought into balance.

Marcel de Cocq, october 22th 2020